Residential Interiors Group is honored to announce the receipt of of three interior design awards for (FABA) Florida Atlantic Building Association 2013 PRISM BEST.

“Residential Interiors Group was proud to be surrounded by excellence in home building and interior design.  We applaud and congratulate all of the recipients of 2013 PRISM BEST Awards”, said Marilyn McGaw, Principal Designer – Residential Interiors Group.

“As 2013 PRISM BEST Vice-Chair it was my pleasure to support FABA in continuing the grand tradition of PRISM BEST” commented John McGaw, President – Residential Interiors Group.  John continues,  “A heartfelt thank you to all the staff of FABA, committee members and FABA membership which make PRISM BEST possible.”

“2013 Prism Best Awards stand for Professional Recognition in Sales and Marketing.  The Florida’s Prism Best Awards recognize outstanding achievement to interior designers, builders, developers, architects, planners, landscape architects and others who have demonstrated building and design excellence in the region.”  Maya S. Chocron, 2013 PISM BEST Chair MSC Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Gold Coast Builders Association
PRISM 2008 Silver Award

Silver Awards - Marilyn McGaw, Design Director

 MCI Prrism Awards

Mid & High Rise Condominium for Sale — Common Entrance
Tower 1, Unit 1701 — 5050 N. Ocean Drive
Living Room             Family Room             Den             Master Bedroom

This model home was designed to appeal  to sophisticated seasonal homeowner, retirees, with or/or without extended families, and professional couples.

Living Room

The décor for this 5,000 square ft condominium home is transitional and relies on ebony and dark walnut finishes, gold, bronze, rich plums and soft avocado green color tones create a dramatic and luxurious living area.

A multi-directional seating area was created to reflect ocean and double sided fireplace views.  The seating area is a distinct circular layout to allow views of both the ocean and the fireplace while allowing the space to feel open and inviting.  The circular motif creates harmony and a certain formality to the space.

The fireplace façade was originally flat and without detail.  Wood columns were added to built-out and ground the space which added strength and drama.  The mirror is a circular explosion of metal framed by the wood columns in dark walnut and bronze inserts which repeat the finish of the mirror and repeats the circular shape of the seating area.  Granite fireplace surrounds the firebox.  Extra deep crown, base, casings and doors are in a deep walnut finish completing the space.

Our love affair with curves continues in the sofas and chairs in golden chenille accented with pillows in contrasting color tones of plum, and beaded bronze create sparkle and luxury.   A deep walnut circular coffee table crowned by a 3 foot high custom floral arrangement that drips with purple hydrangeas.  The area rug grounds the space repeating plum, bronze and gold color accents.

Family Room

The family room is located on the opposite side of the fireplace which continues the ebony and bronze details from the Living Room.  Textures of rough stone, polished wood, smooth glass, bright chrome and soft chenille were utilized to create texture and interest. Gold and bronze color tones, rich plums and soft avocado green add warmth to this transitional, serene yet dramatic space.

Four focal points of dramatic ocean views, a stunning see-through fireplace, entertainment wall and adjoining bar require a sitting area with innovative space-planning that can accommodate each of them.

This was accomplished by using two large multi-directional sofas with bumper ends and low backs to keep the space open and inviting. The pair of chrome and glass coffee tables designed with three floating circles creates an endless variety of configurations.

The seating area joins the entertainment wall to the fireplace wall, all designed to match the bronze and deep walnut wood detailing of the adjoining living room.

The ebony wood finish of the bar replicates the entertainment wall, while the mirror pulls in chrome accents as seen in the coffee tables. Mirrors and mirrored cabinets not only lighten a small, dark area, but they also bring the view of the ocean back into the corners of the space. Seeing the ocean reflected in the mirror as you sit facing the bar is an unexpected and pleasant experience.

Den/Guest Quarters

The space was designed with an  emphasis  on texture, nature and comfort. The play of smooth and woven leathers, dark wood tones, golden grass cloth, animal print and the green shades of nature, adds sophistication and warmth to this tranquil space. A square motif repeated in the shape of the built-in, art, furniture and carpet creates harmony and visual interest.

The challenge was to create an interesting and inviting, multi-purpose, functional space that serves as a guest suite, library and TV room in a small area of only 156 square feet. Utilizing the leather sleeper sofa turns this study into a cozy and relaxing guest room.

The custom ebony built-in and the texture of the grass cloth that wraps and envelops the walls, provides a sense of intimacy and enclosure.  This room was designed as an alternative to the open, spacious areas of the rest of the condominium, creating a haven for rest, private conversation or curling up with a good book.

The espresso leather sofa, zebra side chair and the accents of deep avocado on the upholstered cornice and side panels help emphasize the natural feel of the space. The slight sheen of gold in the textured grass cloth wall covering lends drama to the room when accent lighting or sunshine reflects off its surface.

Master Bedroom Suite

Our focus for this model’s master bedroom was the luxury of an expansive space that required functionality, drama, visual interest and the coziness of a bedroom suite. This was accomplished by creating separate sleeping, working, sitting and entertainment areas with color, fabrics, architectural moldings and lighting.

Soffits and lighting were added to effectively lower the ceiling on the bed wall to create a sense of enclosure and human scale. The walnut-finished, picture frame molding encases custom mirrors, creating a focal point on the bed wall.

The curvilinear shapes of the swivel tub chairs, the round ottoman, oval night stands, desk mirror and carpet carry the soft curved pattern in colors of bronze and gold. Luxurious and inviting silk, chenille and velvet bedding, bronze tones and accents of plum and avocado dress the bed.  Window walls were enhanced by bronze, semi-sheet draperies in a dramatic print pattern to highlight the ocean views beyond.